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About Me


I live in Salt Lake City, UT. I own Liška Design and Carol Liška Cards. I also work for Linc Hospitality where I’m a Senior Designer and Project Manager; I design and specify hospitality interiors.


Working on my BA in Interior Design at The Art Institute of Salt Lake City, UT. Prior to that I got pretty close to getting a BS in Software Engineering at Universidad Galileo of Guatemala.

Places I’ve Been

Guatemala, Utah, Nevada, California, Florida, Montana, and Germany.

Place I Want To Go

Jamaica, Hawaii, Thailand, Japan, Czech Republic, Egypt.

Things I Enjoy

My husband, my daughter, paper, rubber stamps, card making , the color gray, fabrics, collecting post-it notes and Asian decor items.


Design a fabric line, sell 1,000 cards, do important work, and have a sustainable house.

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